Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Steckbrief

10-15 Jahre
4 to 8
Hunde: 26-44 Pfunde
Hündin: 20-40 Pfunde
Hunde: 65-70 zoll
Hündin: 60-65 zoll
Andere Namen
Ceskoslovensky Vlcak, Czech Wolfdog, Slovak Wolfdog
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

A very recent breed with a distinct wolfish look, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog was created in the 1950’s through the breeding of the German Shepherd Dog and Carpathian Grey Wolves! In body, shape and movement this breed has very much the look of a wolf, with little of the German Shepherd materialising in the appearance.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Hund

This is a muscular, strong and agile breed, with a long stride, but its movement is very light. They also have a very powerful jaw and teeth. The minimum weight for a female is 20kg, and for a male is 26kg, though they can be considerably heavier. This has been a Kennel Club accepted breed since the 1980s.


Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Hund

This breed was created to merge the loyalty, intelligence and trainability of the German Shepherd with strength and stamina of the wolf. Its temperament leans more towards the GSD, and this makes the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog a superb working dog. They excel at sports, tracking, hunting and herding.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Hund

This breed, properly raised, is very loyal and extremely gentle and obedient with its family. However it requires firm, dedicated training as it is strong and stubborn. It is not suitable for a first time dog owner. This is an extremely active breed that needs lots to do. They are playful and happy, and very suitable for older children when socialised.


Czechoslovakian Wolfdog farben

The only accepted colours are silver grey and yellow grey.


Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Mantel

Their coat is very wolf-like. The hair is straight, thick, and close to the body. No grooming is required, and they are a clean breed. The coat sheds heavily twice a year.



This is generally a very healthy breed. Only occasionally noted issue is hip dysplasia.


The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is only moderately active indoors. But due to their alert, smart nature they are very much better suited to a home with a larger garden. They are better living in cooler climates, and are fine in cold weather.

Living environment

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