Moskovskaya Storodzevay Sobaka Puppies

A rare, red and white, Russian giant

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9-11 Jahre
5 to 11
Hunde: 130-150 Pfunde
Hündin: 100-130 Pfunde
Hunde: 25-27 inches
Hündin: 23-25 inches
Moscow in the 1950s
FCI Group II.: Pinscher and Schnauzer- Molossoid Breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs
Andere Namen
Moskovskaya Storozhevaya Sobaka
moscow watchdog picture

The Moscow Watchdog is muscular, big-boned but not clumsy dog. It is a crossbreed of the Caucasian Ovtcharka with its watchful and assertive traits, and the Saint Bernard for its size.

moscow watchdog picture

This dog is well developed, muscularly and mentally. Its temperament is fine if brought up properly. No dogs are known outside Russia.


moscow watchdog puppy picture

This breed is well developed in body and mind. It makes a good companion and watchdog. The Moscow Watchdog is intelligent and can be trained as a seeing eye dog.

moscow watchdog puppy image

If properly reared it is fine in temperament. This breed is a suitable choice for owners who have the space to keep it. This dog requires an experienced owner and firm obedience training.


moscow watchdog image

Always red and white.


moscow watchdog image

The coat is thick with fringing and of moderate length. Brush with a firm bristle brush. Bathe or dry shampoo when necessary. This breed is an average shedder.



Generally a healthy breed, but due to their size hip dysplasia can be a problem. To help prevent the chance of hip or elbow dysplasia developing make sure your dog is on a healthy, well proportioned diet, and avoid excessive running and jumping while still a puppy as this can be hard on the developing joints. However, to make sure that you get a healthy puppy, you should buy a Moscow Watchdog puppy from a reputable breeder.


The Moscow Watchdog is not recommended for apartment life; it is a big breed that needs space and room to move and a lot of regular exercise.

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