Euro Puppy is proud to have purebred, champion-line Portuguese Water Dog puppies as an addition to the list of puppies offered! This rare dog breed originally herded fish into nets; retrieved lost tackle and acted as a courier from ship to ship in Portugal. In Portugal, the breed is called C?o d'Água (pronounced Kown-d'Ahgwa). C?o means "dog", while de Água means "of water". Its closest cousin is the Standard Poodle. Portuguese Water Dogs are very loving, independent and intelligent dogs. They love attention while being glued to their master's side. Although they get along with other animals, they will usually only really bond with one family member. This breed makes an excellent guard dog as well due to its determination to defend its territory. Black is the most common color found in Portuguese Water Dogs, but Sliver tipped, black and white, or brown can also be seen. "Parti” colored ones are rare but they are becoming more popular in the US nowadays. White ones are still rare and interestingly enough the white hair is finer than the black hair. Two coat types can be found. A wavy coat falls gently in waves while a curly coat has tighter curls. The hair is usually worn in a "lion cut”, whereby the hindquarters, muzzle, and the base of the tail are shaved and the rest of the body is left full length. This dog has four unique traits that have to be mentioned! Firstly, their skin has an interesting bluish tinge that is hard to notice underneath the black fur. They also have webbed feet that is ideal for swimming. Thirdly, they do not shed and they are hypoallergenic meaning that they are ideal for allergy sufferers. Last but not least, they can actually laugh! Yes..laugh! They have a very loud and distinctive bark that is often called a laugh, because it is loud, irregular, and used during playtime or during greeting. Now you can find purebred Portuguese Water Dog puppies for sale at Euro Puppy. They come from the finest champion-lines of Europe, where caring breeders look after the breed standards. For more information, contact Euro Puppy.
Portugese Water Dog