I think there are very few dog lovers, who can deny that a purebred Rottweiler has an immensely noble bearing.

With German perfection in the canine form, a Rottweiler is sure to turn (the right) heads.

A person, who is truly a Rottweiler lover will know that this stunning – and often misunderstood - breed is one of the most valuable specimens of all the canine breeds – and working dogs as well.

Choosing your Rottweiler Puppy

Rottweiler puppies

It is not an easy task to find the perfect Rottweiler. Of course….there are tons of Rottweilers out there, that look great and will suffice for those Rottweiler fans that are keen on having (just) a representative of the breed. But aaaaahhhh…those that have perfect conformation; correct breeding; come from top champion-lines, and maybe even hold a few show titles and working titles as well…those are few and far between.

What is considered to be a top quality Rottweiler puppy?

Quality depends on a number of factors...

First of all, breeding is a very important factor here. If the Rottweiler comes from a great stock, chances are, he or she will also have the correct bearing, and no genetic anomalies will be found.

Breeders that make it their passion to work with this awesome breed really go far to breed out the genetic anomalies that this breed might otherwise inherit.

Health screening is important here.

Temperament of course – to some extent - can also be traced back to breeding. As with all large dog breeds, socialization is a must. This ensures that the balanced and loving disposition comes to the fore, and not the aggressive “beast”, that the media has portrayed the Rottweiler to be.

Of course as with human temperaments, there are those that are inherent and those that can be formed and sculpted from an early age. A Rottweiler that comes from a poor stock will have a temperament that is harder to work with.

Amazing Rottweiler Puppy

Rottweiler Breeding Matters

However, if a Rottweiler comes from a stock that quality breeders have perfected, then it is easier to socialize this breed.

One must not forget the saying: “There are no bad dogs…only bad owners”. Sadly this is somewhat true, and with the socialization and training of a Rottweiler, this has to be kept in mind.

You can have a Rottweiler puppy with the sweetest disposition; but if you beat him and disrespect him, he will become a rebel without a cause. So yes, while temperament does depend on genetics and the breeders that the puppy comes from, it also very much depends on you…the owner.

Therefore, in both the looks department and in temperament, the quality of the breeder - and of course the stock of the breed- is of the utmost importance.

Rottweiler Intelligence

Rottweiler puppy

Rottweilers were originally bred to work. Therefore it is not surprising that a quality Rottweiler that has been trained and socialized excels at Schutzhund and IPO as well. Schutzhund (German for "protection dog") tests a dog’s desire to work, his courage, his intelligence, his trainability, his bond to the handler, his perseverance and his protective instincts.

Dogs that pass Schutzhund tests should be suitable for police work, specific odour detection, search and rescue, and many other tasks. The purpose of Schutzhund is also used with Rottweilers to identify those representatives of the breed that have the perfect character traits required for these demanding jobs.

Now if you can tell me that you can easily find a Rottweiler puppy that has great conformation, an inherently solid temperament and has parents that are show dogs; titled-working dogs; Schutzhund dogs and hold European champion-titles as well, then I will say: Good for you!

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