Hatchi (aka Hamlet) - Our Akita Inu

Muscat, Oman

Hatchi (aka Hamlet) - Our Akita Inu
Muscat, Oman
Date of Birth
Dec 31, 1969
Fares Mansour Nasser
Muscat, Oman

Owner’s Review


he is a wonderful boy,

‘Im really glad and happy this time :)

He seems to be healthy with no problems, he started playing with my other dogs after the first 2 minutes :D

Tomorrow ill take him for a vet check up and ill update you.

Every body is crazy about him

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Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
10-12 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
5 to 7
Extra Large
Dogs: 75-120 pounds
Bitches: 75-110 pounds
Dogs: 26-28 inches
Bitches: 24-26 inches
Country of Origin
Japan, 5000 v. Chr.
AKC Working Dogs
FCI Group V.: Spitz and Primitive types
TKC Working
Other Names
Japanese Akita, Great Japanese Dog

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