Sookie - Our Labrador Retriever

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sookie - Our Labrador Retriever
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date of Birth
Jun 27, 2011
John James Parkhouse

Owner’s Review

Hello Eddie/Sandor,

Just wanted to send you an email thanking you for all your efforts and help
on getting ‘Debbie’ now named Sookie to us here in Dubai. She is
absoloutley fantastic and has brought so much character to our household. We
really could not be happier, she is a magnificent example of her species and
every day brings a new set of adventures!

I can not fault your service in any way – you always responded to emails at
lightning quick speed, always helped out with advice on the technicalities
of bringing a dog in to the UAE When Sookie arrived after a 30 hour journey
it was clear while she was a little stressed and restless but she had been
well attended to during the trip. If I did a 30 hour journey i would be in
much worse shape!

On Sookie’s visit to the vets here we were told of some of the more
unscrupulous sellers within the european market and the sometimes horrific
consequences that occur all too regularly with importing dogs. Our vet was
extremely happy with Sookie and remarked more than once on her obvious breed
quality. The vet also studied her documentation thouroughly and said that
she did not feel the need to see her for at least 6 months.

I genuinley would have absoloutley no hesitation whatsoever in recomending
you to friends and family.

Ive also attached a couple of pics from her first day home with us. These
were taken a few hours after getting her from the airport.

Kind Regards and thanks again to all at Europuppy for your help and service
– it was faultless.


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Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
10-12 years
Learning Rate
Very high
Litter Size
7 to 8
Dogs: 60-75 pounds
Bitches: 55-70 pounds
Dogs: 22-24 inches
Bitches: 21-23 inches
Country of Origin
Newfoundland, Canada
AKC Sporting Dogs
FCI Group VIII.: Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs
TKC Gundog
Other Names

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