Mini Moris - Our Yorkshire Terrier

Doha, Qatar

Mini Moris - Our Yorkshire Terrier
Doha, Qatar
Date of Birth
May 24, 2010
Amal Abu Nahl & Abdullah Abu Sitta
Doha, Qatar

Owner’s Review

Hi Eddie,

I just wanted to let you know that Mini has finally arrived to Doha Qatar
and he is doing great! Tomorrow he has an appointment at the vet,we couldn’t
take him today because its weekend here so vet is not opened today.

I will send you updated pics for you guys and the breeder plus a vet update
tomorrow. I also want to send a full detailed email as a reference. You have
been absolutely wonderful and have sent me the most beautiful puppy,he is
truly just amazing and loving! I could not have asked for more and its
thanks to Europuppy and the breeders,thanking you is not enough.

Find attached a small picture of Mini when he first arrived last night to
his new home.

Thank you so much Eddie, you have been a true professional and pleasure to
correspond with.

I will email you tomorrow with full update.

Kindest Regards

Hi Eddie,

Mini is wonderful! Such a small, energetic, playful and naughty puppy! My
husband and I took him yesterday to the vet. The doctor informed us that
Mini is doing absolutely great and he is looking good, he’s a bit on the
slim side but she assured us that it was fine as long as he’s eating right
and is getting plenty of sleep, which is the case with us so far, he is a
small dog after all. I showed her all the vaccination information that had
been sent to us from Europuppy and was pleased with the update but
recommended that we start his vaccinations over again just to make sure
everything is in order. So now he has had the first two vaccinations done
and we will be going back to the vet in the next 3-4 weeks to have the next
set of shots. Overall the trip to the vet was GREAT. Mini was such a good
boy, he was happy to be looked at by the vet but was a bit upset when he got
the shots. He’s in great shape and the vet said that he looks like he’s
going to be a great and healthy dog when he gets older.

Eddie, I can not thank you and the rest of the Europuppy enough, please use
my email as a reference to let everyone know how tremendous Europuppy have
been with me. Mini has been such an amazing addition to our home. He’s such
a good boy even though his potty training is a bit tough, but he’s a baby
and i have all the time in the world to make sure he’s going to be
well-trained. The fact that Mini arrived in such good and healthy spirits
after such a long journey to us was unexpected and its thanks to you and
Europuppy that he arrived safe and sound :) Please also thank the breeders
for giving me a puppy as lovely as Mini, thanks to them he has such a loving
and bubbly personality without any major temperament issues. I can not ask
for more!

It has been an absolute pleasure corresponding with you. You and Europuppy
have been absolute professionals and never kept me impatiently waiting when
I had any enquiries to make (i know i was a nutcase at times,hehehehe).
Thank you so much Eddie! Thank you for everything! You have been wonderful
to correspond with and i will be sure to keep you updated on Mini. Please
let the breeders know that Mini is doing good, is healthy and happy :) For
now, I have sent you two small pics of Mini.

Its been a pleasure and thank you again :)

Kindest Regards


Hi Eddie!

Just wanted
to let you know that Mini is doing great!!! He had a little accident 2
nights ago, he jumped off a high surface before we can catch him, but
suprisingly he was fine, we took him to the vet in case but the doctor
assured us that he is fine,he sprained his right front leg but nothing
serious and he will heel by himself. Now he’s back to normal,running
around and being naughty as always :) he’s such a loving puppy, everyone
in the vet loves him,someone actually asked me if they can have him (of
course I said NO,hehehe) he licks everyone he sees,he’s always wagging
his tail and is such a happy puppy! We took him out for a small walk the
other day, he hated the leash at first but I trained him to accept
being on a leash, I let him sniff it and show him that he doesn’t have
to be scared of it, I let him walk around with the leash hanging from
him without me holding on, and now he loves it and loves going for
walks. He’s learnt to sit,come, give me five (put his paw on my hand),
leave things when I tell him…he’s such a quick learner! He’s put on
some weight as well, 1.4 grams to be exact,which isn’t much but its good
for him! We also took him to get groomed and now his hair on his face
is shorter and we can see his eyes,hehehe. Eddie, he’s just perfect! And
here are some pictures of him for u and the breeder.

Kindest Regards Amal

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