Sammi - Our Bichón Habanero

New York, United States

Name Sammi
Gender male
Date of Birth: Jun 22, 2005

Owner: Irma and Donald Levenson
Location: New York, United States

Hi Marta,

We have so much enjoyment and pleasure from our Sammi. He is the perfect dog. Everyone who meets him just loves him and can’t resist to play with him. He is very very sociable with other dogs and people and just looks for them to come out when he is walked and play with him.

We are so happy that we have him. He has added a great deal to our lives. He has many toys and we named them all. Such as Mr. Bones, Mr. Flat Tail, Mr. Sherpa, Mr. Frog, Mr.Pig Ear, etc. He can identify the toys by name and picks them out when we tell him to get certain toys. He also has a plush soccer ball which he plays with by himself or will bring to us to play fetch. He is just so adorable and beautiful.

If you should post him on the web site, please let us know when, so we can see him also.

Best regards,

Irma and Donald Levenson

Hi Marta,

Sammi is quite the puppy. He is now attending school and is more interested in playing and having a good time then in learning.

have recommended you to many people
who just love Sammi and always look
for him to get their puppy fix. He always obliges with kisses and cute
tricks he knows. Will send more photos when I can find some time to
take them.

Thank you for a wonderful puppy!

Best regards,
Irma and Donald Levenson


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Hembras: 8-11 pulgadas
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