Caesar - Nuestro Bulldog Francés

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Caesar - Nuestro Bulldog Francés
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Fecha de Nacimiento
Aug 07, 2012
Kate Millard
Dubai, EAU

Reseña del dueño

Hi Steve,

I hope you are well.

We took Caesar to the vet on 7th Jan and he got a full bill of health.
He is the sweetest puppy ever (im sure everyone says that, but in
my case it’s true)! Everyone who has come into contact with him just
says how delightful his temperament is! He is at doggy daycare for the
first time today as we did not want to leave him home alone when we are
at work and I’ve just called to check how he’s doing to be told he’s
happily playing with the other puppies.

I’ve attached a pic so you can see hm in his favourtie place – on the sofa!



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Expectativa de Vida
10-14 años
Grado de Aprendizaje
Tamaño de la Camada
2 to 5
País de Origen
England in the 1860s
AKC Non-sporting Dogs
FCI Group IX.: Companion and Toy Dogs
TKC Utility
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Bouledogue Francais

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