1st you discover the Cavapoo and you fall in love.

2nd you research this breed to see if it will fit your lifestyle.

3rd; you decide you cannot live without one.

Now you just need to Find and Choose the right Cavapoo puppy for you!

If you are thinking this isn’t so easy… you are correct!

That’s because you want to get the RIGHT puppy!

There is a lot to consider. Not just what puppy, but from where, and which breeder…

In this article we will answer some big questions about what Cavapoo will be best for you and how to choose right!

Is a Cavapoo the right choice for you?

cute cavapoo

First we will fire away with a summary of the Cavapoo. Just to make certain this breed is a good choice for you…

Temperament - Happy, playful, friendly, people centric and snuggly. (A great family or companion dog). They do not like to be alone for long periods!

Energy Levels - Moderately high. A typical Cavapoo will need a couple of 30+ min walks a day, and plenty of playtime too. Lots of interaction is really important.

Size - Small in general. They tend to be around 18-20 pounds when fully grown, and 12-14 inches in height.

Training - Reasonably easy to train, thanks to their easy going nature and Poodle smarts. A good choice for a first time dog owner.

Environment - Very adaptable. Well suited to an apartment or a home with a garden.

Grooming - They need regular brushing, and often a trim every couple of months.

Is it better to get a boy or a girl Cavapoo?

The Cavapoo is a bit different to other breeds when it comes to gender. In many breeds the male is both bigger and bolder. 

Cavapoo Size and Shape

Male Cavapoos on average are slimmer, but taller.

The female Cavapoo is smaller, but actually stockier, more compact and solidly built.

These differences are reasonably small though.

Cavapoo Temperament

The male is more devoted, faithful and gentle.

Most Cavapoo breeders claim females are more bold, independent, and intelligent.

Of the two genders the female is slightly more energetic!

If you do not plan to breed your Cavapoo we would always recommend neutering them. It is always better for their general health and happiness.

playful Cavapoo

Should I choose a F1, F2 or F1B cavapoo?

Huh? F1B what?

All these numbers signify different generations of Cavapoos, and different proportions of Cavalier and Poodle genes.


  • The F1 is the most common and standard Cavapoo. This is the original Cavapoo with 1 Poodle parent, 1 Cavalier parent.

  • The F1B - 1 parent is a F1 Cavapoo, the other is usually a Poodle

  • The F2 - Here both parents are F1 Cavapoos, so this is a 2nd generation Cavapoo

While the differences in these Cavapoos are subtle, they are worth considering…

Choosing a F1 Cavapoo puppy

A F1 Cavapoo has the most variety in how it will look. It could be more Poodle-like or more Cavalier. Usually you get a good idea of how they will look from puppyhood, but this can change over time. 

Their nature is a little unpredictable too. They can lean a little way to either breed, but most often they are a mix of the playfulness of a Cavalier and the energy and intelligence of a Poodle.

They are the healthiest of all Cavapoo generations. This is because of the balanced mix of two breeds. But this difference in health quality is usually very minimal.

Their shedding level is a bit random. You can't predict with certainty that a F1 Cavapoo will be virtually non shedding like a Poodle. But don’t panic, the Cavapoo is always relatively light shedding.

Choosing a F1B Cavapoo puppy

The F1B is considered to be the most popular generation in the last couple of years.

Being (usually) 75% Poodle it is more hypoallergenic / low shedding than F1 Cavapoos. The coat is more predictable. It is almost always the curly Poodle style. Because of this they require more grooming than a F1.

They are more likely to be slimmer, with longer legs.

Its nature is more Poodle-like too. This means it is a little bit more energetic; therefore more exercise and play is required. 

Choosing a F2 Cavapoo puppy

The F2 in some ways is very similar to the F1, it is after all still 50% Poodle - 50% Cavalier. However the two parents are F1 Cavapoos.

This does mean that the coat style and shedding level is still a bit random. If the Cavalier trait comes out more, they can shed a little more than expected. 

However while the hypoallergenic nature is more random than in F1Bs, they tend to be more hypoallergenic than a F1.

While still playful, they usually do not have the strong energy levels of a F1B. 

Some breeders claim that a F2 often comes out acting more like a Cavalier. This means sweeter and gentler, rather than bouncy. Making the F2 a good choice for older people

To sum it up simply…

F1 - Healthiest and most common

F1B - Most hypoallergenic and lively

F2 -  The Gentlest

What is the most popular Cavapoo colour?

Of course your Cavapoo’s colour is all down to personal choice.

But without a doubt the ruby / red Cavapoo is the most popular.

While it is the tan / apricot Cavapoo that is the most common.

Black, or tricolour with black predominant, are the least popular colours. This is mainly due to the fact that for some reason people like black dogs the least.

The above is research you should do BEFORE you go looking for a Cavapoo breeder. 

With this you can be sure you know what Cavapoo you want when you find a breeder. All you need now is to prepare what questions you should ask before you make a decision.

What should I ask when buying a Cavapoo?

Cavapoo dog

This stage is vital, especially as it is connected to this key question…

How do I choose the right Cavapoo breeder?

The world of dog breeding can be a bit of a mystery, and it can be hard to find a breeder. Never mind decide that the person you reach out to is a really good breeder

However by asking the right questions you not only ensure you are getting the right puppy for you, but you can figure out just how good the breeder is. 

    1. Have both parents been health or breeding certified and can I see them?

The Cavapoo is a designer breed so the parents do not need specific health tests. Nor do they need to be breeding certified. So if you receive a no to this answer, it DOES NOT mean the breeder has unhealthy Cavapoos.

What you can expect is reports from the vet visits of the parents, and you can absolutely expect to see health reports on the Cavapoo puppies. Just as you would if you choose through Euro Puppy.

Sometimes the Cavalier and Poodle parents will have pedigrees too, which can give extra reassurance this is a strong, purebred bloodline. Obviously the Cavapoo is not a pure breed, so the puppy will have no pedigree.

However not all Cavaliers or Poodles will have pedigrees. This does not mean they are necessarily of lower quality.  But having a pedigree does indicate strong quality, especially if there are show wins.

One more key point is that you should always be able to see the parents! 

If you are visiting the breeder in person, they will show the dam at least, and the environment where the dam and puppies live. It is a big no-no if a breeder refuses to show you this.

Online you can expect a responsible breeder to get photos and videos of both parents.

       2. Are the Cavapoo puppies well socialised?

A very crucial question!

The first few months of life are so important in the development of a puppy.

To be outgoing and confident a puppy needs a calm, happy upbringing. 

They also need to interact with people, dogs and children, and get used to life indoors and outdoors.

You will want to know that the Cavapoo litter has lots of space to play and a comfy area to relax.

You must see the environment they are living in and the area around. And if you are buying online, videos of the pups are really helpful here.

       3. Will the puppies come wormed and vaccinated?

You should receive copies of all wormings and vaccinations before you choose your Cavapoo puppy. With your puppy you should also get the original vaccination booklet / pet passport from the breeder. 

A puppy should get their first deworming by 3 weeks of age. And their first shots around 8-10 weeks of age. 

A Cavapoo breeder offering a puppy with no vaccinations or deworming is one to avoid!

       4. Is there a health guarantee?

Many breeders will not offer a health guarantee, but many of the best will. It is a really good sign of a trustworthy breeder!

A breeder who offers a guarantee against genetic illness will be confident that their pups are healthy, and will stay that way.

With Euro Puppy you will always get a Health Guarantee for your Cavapoo puppy.

        5. How much does a Cavapoo puppy cost?

This is a big question of course, and prices can vary. 

There are many factors in play, too many to mention here. 

The main one though is… 

The better the breeder… the more care is given… the more money spent… 

so the higher the price.

As a rule of thumb you should expect to pay over $1000 for your puppy, and more than twice this amount for a puppy from a top breeder.

For a comprehensive look at how much a Cavapoo can cost, check out our article devoted to that subject.

active cavapoo

      6. What is the character of each Cavapoo Puppy?

A good breeder will happily answer all these questions. They want to find the best home for their pups, so will want to be sure you have all the info you need. 

From around 8 weeks a breeder can get an idea about a puppy’s character. They can tell you which puppy for example is the most playful, or snuggly, or friendly. Then you can pick the one that fits your life.

If a breeder is refusing to answer any of these questions, or withholding documentation then it is  best to look elsewhere.

When anyone comes to Euro Puppy to choose a Cavapoo, all these questions will be answered.  You will receive copies of all the documentation, as well as photos, videos and a health guarantee. 

Choosing a Cavapoo puppy is a big deal. It is going to be a part of your family after all!

But if you do the right research before you find a breeder, then you will know what gender, colour, generation and temperament of Cavapoo you want.

Plus with our handy questions ready, you can be sure you are getting the right answers from the right breeder. Then you can pick the healthiest, happiest and best Cavapoo puppy for you.

If you are ready and eager to find your perfect pup, then go ahead and check out our adorable Cavapoo puppies for sale