Poppy - Our Yorkshire Terrier

Zurich, Switzerland

Poppy - Our Yorkshire Terrier
Zurich, Switzerland
Date of Birth
Apr 13, 2012
Celine Horan
Zurich, Switzerland

Owner’s Review

Hello Lasheika,

Yes, my baby girl is 7 today.

Goodness, how the time has flown.

Poppy is doing extremely well.

All surgeries were completed on her hind legs
last year and no further surgeries are needed
for the foreseeable future.

Through all her surgeries she has been a brave
little soldier and is adored by vets, doctors, and
nurses alike.

She is famous in our village too. Once, a couple
came up to me and asked if Poppy was okay as
they’d not seen her for a while.

I assured them that she was in fine fettle and that
she enjoyed a lovely walk just the day before.

She still loves to eat, play and go for walks in the

I love her gentle spirit, sharp mind, and bossy girl
attitude. She may be tiny but she is mighty in spirit.

She has me wrapped around her fluffy paw.

She is a joy to live with. My dearest and best friend.

See photos attached. These were taken today
just for you.

Have a wonderful day.
Warm Regards
Celine :-))

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Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
12-15 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
2 to 3
Dogs: 4-7 pounds
Bitches: 3-6 pounds
Dogs: 6-9 inches
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Country of Origin
England and Scotland
AKC Toy Dogs
FCI Group III.: Terriers
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