Kosmo - Nuestro Gran Danés

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Kosmo - Nuestro Gran Danés
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Fecha de Nacimiento
Sep 30, 2010
Juliantini Voss
Dubai, EAU

Reseña del dueño

Hallo Eddie,

I received the paper today, thanks so much.

I am sorry for the late replied, been hectic, work and guests.

Attach is Jethro (Kosmo) with my husband and Kosmo with Ella and I.
Look how big he is. When the guests were here, we put both of them to DKC (Boarding), not seeing him for a week, I notice the change in him. These are taken in front or our home, after the morning walk last Friday.

He is a wonderful boy, so attach to me, more than Ella to me.

Thanks again for bringing Kosmo into our family.

God Bless.

Julia. Dubai, UAE

Dear Eddie,

I would like to share with you how happy we are with our beloved boy Kosmo
(Jehtro). He is so so so handsome.
His posture is perfect, the muscles, the way he stands, the color and most
of all, his loving personality.

I hope you can share the good news to the breeder as well, thanks to them
for bringing up such a wonderful blue dane.
He is so confident, a very happy lucky boy, nothing scares him yet very
loving. He has been a very healthy boy too.

Fyi, we met Slubber (a blue dane arrived in Dubai early last month). The
owner saw Kosmo on the dog show on Feb 3, he approached me as he was
waiting for the puppy from you. They change the name to Big B. I wonder
if they are coming from the same breeder -:) Would love to know.

Attach are pictures of Kosmo with Big B & Kosmo with Ella and I.

Thanks again for delivering the bundle of joy into our family.

extend our regards to the breeder.


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