Zeuss - Our Mastín Napolitano

Concord, United States

Name Zeuss
Gender female
Date of Birth: Mar 09, 2005

Owner: Margery & Art Kirner
Location: Concord, United States


we just got home with the pup. It was an all day affair getting to the airport. Anyway what a gorgeous pup!! We are just delighted with her. As we entered the Air France office, we could hear her barking, and the help had all had her out playing with her. On the way home I had her on my lap for the four hour journey back home to Concord Virginia. She slept most of the time, and I can tell you I felt as if she had gained 10 lbs she was so heavy. What a beautiful healthy pup!
I just cannot tell you how very pleased we are. We will be showing her in a few months, and my son cannot wait to see her also–that will be tomorrow. I can’t wait to get the male pup next from you.

Thanks to you and Timor for this gift of love.

Margery and Art

P.S. Just can’t say enough about this typy Neapolitan Mastiff.
Thank you, Thank you!!


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10 años
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6 to 12
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Hembras: 24-28 pulgadas
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