Dolce - Our Mastín Napolitano

Elkton, United States

Name Dolce
Gender female
Date of Birth: Aug 12, 2004

Owner: Carlos R. Jimenez
Location: Elkton, United States

I just wanted to take some time to thank you for providing the service that you provide. Your company’s level of communication is excellent and was very encouraging throughout the process. I will definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone who asks me about Dolce as well as anyone looking for any breed. I want to thank you for the genuine concern that you expressed about placing the puppy and it’s health. I will definitely remember our transaction as a Gold Standard for transactions which I have made through the internet and email. Please be assured that I will send progress emails with pictures of Dolce as she grows.
As to her cold and her appointment for getting her ears cropped, I talked to the Veterinarian about it and he indicated that if her cold has been gone 2 days before the day to crop the ears, I can go ahead and have the ears cropped. In fact, she should make an excellent recovery from the ear cropping as she will already be on antibiotics which should help in preventing an infection. Again, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU ARE TRUE PROFESSIONALS!


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10 años
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6 to 12
Perros: 130-180 libras
Hembras: 120-160 libras
Perros: 26-30 pulgadas
Hembras: 24-28 pulgadas
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