Sancho - Our French Bulldog

Larkspur, United States

Name Sancho
Gender male
Date of Birth: Aug 25, 2008

Owner: Christina DeVille
Location: Larkspur, United States


Sancho is awesome! Love him to death!
He’s almost a year old and he’s 25 lbs.
Came out exactly how I wanted him to look, very weird!

I have had soo many people ask me where I got him and I always refer them to your site.

Thank you!
Cristina DeVille


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Breed information

Life Expectancy
10-14 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
2 to 5
Dogs: -
Bitches: -
Dogs: -
Bitches: -
Other Names
Country of Origin
The French Bulldog was originally developed in England. In the 1860s, imported French dog breeders, some of these very small Bulldogs from Great Britain and bred them with French Terriers.
AKC Non-sporting Dogs, FCI Group IX.: Companion and Toy Dogs, TKC Utility

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