Zoe - Our Golden Retriever

Wellington, United States

Name Zoe
Gender female
Date of Birth: Jan 05, 2007

Owner: Lori Barlettano

Dear Europuppy,

When we first saw your website, we were indeed a bit skeptical. However,
upon our first email to Mario at your US office, professionalism, courtesy,
and genuine personal concern prevailed. We picked out our puppy and every
question that we asked was promptly answered.
Prior to shipping, just as we
had been told, all applicable info was made available to us without having
to follow-up. We were concerned about our puppy’s flight but learned from
the cargo website that the puppy’s safety, feeding, water, and cleanliness
were all top concerns … and they were! All was in order and a calm,
clean puppy was there for us to pick-up.
Customs was a breeze and then we
were on our way home. We named our puppy Zoe and she just loves her new
home as we love her. Everyone at Europuppy deserves a hats off for a superb

Sincere thanks,

Lori and Gary


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Hunderassen Info

10-12 Jahre
6 to 10
Hunde: 60-80 Pfunde
Hündin: 55-70 Pfunde
Hunde: 22-24 inches
Hündin: 20-22 inches
Andere Namen
Great Britain
AKC Sporting Dogs, FCI Group VIII.: Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs, TKC Gundog

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