Bluey - Unsere Weimaraner

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Bluey - Unsere Weimaraner
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Aug 14, 2006
Katie Arbourne
Dubai, VAE

Bewertung des Eigentümers

HI All,

Thought you may like to see some piccies of the new arrival. After a day of travel, (and a quick bath as soon as he got here) he was quite comftable and confident in his new surroundings. Needless to say, Josh and Bluey are best mates already!!!!

Hes got a beautiful temprament and is a really sweetie.

Hi Eddie,

Thought i would drop you a quick line and let you know how Bluey is doing!!!!

We have had Bluey for just over a year now, and all i can say is that he
is just the kindest, most loyal and beautiful dog i have ever come
across!!! Hes a real part of the family, and Josh and Bluey are still
Now that both of them have grown over the last
year they get to play more ‘equally’ (size wise!) they spend time every
day rolling around on the rug and cuddling together! He’s so gentle
with Josh, and listens to him when he tells him to ‘sit’ or wait! Hes a
really affectionate dog, who still tries to get onto my lap for a

We took Bluey to the Dubai Pedigree and
Whiskas Pet show just last weekend and entered him into the best Gun
dog class for a bit of fun. There were 15 entered in the class (5 other
Weimaraners) and
Bluey got 3rd Best Gundog in show!!! We were absolutely thrilled!

had a fabulous day with lots of attention, everybody stopped and asked
us where we got him from and told us how beautiful he is
Bluey had lots of people just wandering up to him and petting him, and
he was so friendly and relaxed with all of them, from toddlers to
grown-ups, he didn’t mind a bit! He was also really friendly towards
all the other dogs, just wanting to engage in play! He really has just
the best temperament i have come across!

Anyway, hope you like
the photos!!! I would be really grateful if you could fwd this email to
the breeder and let them know what an absolutely amazing dog they breed!

Hope all is well,


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